Tomato Class Review

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Yesterday, Duskin Jasper and myself taught a 2-hour tomato class intensive at Milagro Community Garden to about 35 gardeners where we talked about planting and caring of tomatoes. In it we talked about what general amendments to add to your vegetable beds, how to plant tomato transplants, what amendments to add to each hole to boost tomato production, benefits of adding mycorrhizal, pruning techniques, benefits of adding Epsom Salts and dry milk when planting tomatoes, tomato deficiencies and tomato diseases. We also gave a demo in actual planting of these tomatoes and how to use and install Wall of Waters (to sneak your tomatoes in before the last frost date) and benefits of using row cover. Thanks to all for coming!

Here are my handouts as we ran out of them for those of you looking for them:


Tomato Deficiencies_Diseases_Viruses



6 comments on “Tomato Class Review

  1. Teresa Toole says:

    Thank you Jannine and Duskin!!! Your heavy (educating) lifting and joy have given me ‘hope’ to grow something wonderful! If you missed this class, get yourself to the next one. These folks are remarkable.


  2. norma says:

    thanks! that was a great tomato class, i learned a lot and appreciate your and justin’s sharing! i look forward to some very tasty healthy large tomatoes this year.


  3. Carol Robertson Lopez says:

    This was a totally engaging class! Thank you Janine and Duskin and of course, Amy.


  4. sophiefrancoise says:

    You are so very generous in sharing your knowledge and expertise, offering to us small tips and major information about planting tomatoes and other yummy veggies. Many thanks to you, dear friend.


  5. […] here last year on transplanting tomatoes.   And then this year I went to a Homegrown New Mexico tomato class and learned a few more tricks.  To add to all this, this year I have been saving all of my […]


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