Cold Frame Survivors

I tried to overwinter some veggies in the coldframe that I planted last October. I wanted to see what would survive and what would die back.

coldframe survivors

Here is what has survived (so far) in the coldframe – 1 sad little bok choy, 2 sadder lettuces, 4 happy endives, a row of Bull’s Blood beets and 2 chard. The mache and arugula were doing great but bolted during the 70°F day we had last week and were loaded with aphids so I pulled them out and the chickens enjoyed them instead of me. What didn’t make it was some of the chard, most of the lettuces and mesclun (more baby lettuce).

Now it is suppose to get down to 16°F tomorrow night and 14°F on Sunday night! Yikes! I’m going to spray everything with insecticidal soap for 7 days in a row to hopefully rid me of the aphids. I don’t dare plant anything else in the coldframe till I’m sure they’re gone.

I also planted spinach in an outside raised box with row cover over them and they hung on in a rather dormant state and now they are growing full blast.

Next year I will only plant endive, mache, spinach and arugula as they did great even when we got down to 10°F although I do put a layer of heavy row cover over all when it gets down in the teens.

4 comments on “Cold Frame Survivors

  1. Peter Burke says:

    Intersting experiment. I have wondered how to translate Eliot Colmans techniques for a garden, no huge greenhouse on rollers here! I have been planting Sinach in the Fall with great success, both covered and uncovered. the hoop house gets them going two weeks before uncovered. I plant every available bed in the fall. I’ll have to try the endive and arugula next fall. thanks


  2. Bill says:

    We’re trying cold frames this year for the first time. Started some collards in one and chard in another and they’re coming along fine. The broccoli and cabbage looks OK but I planted it too late and there isn’t enough time to get it to maturity. I tried arugula in a raised bed but it didn’t germinate. I replanted and it still hasn’t come up. I’m baffled.

    My spinach overwintered fine outside.

    Trying to get our carrots, radishes and spinach in today, ahead of the next wave of snow and rain forecast for tomorrow and Monday.


  3. sophiefrancoise says:

    Really good information about what will (probably/possibly/maybe) make it through the winter into…hahaha…spring!. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us…


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