What’s wrong with this zucchini?

What’s wrong with this zucchini? The one on the left is yellowing and shriveling up. It wasn’t either fully pollinated (some bee didn’t do her job) OR once again it was too hot when pollination happened and it didn’t take hence it is self aborting. Just like tomatoes, all squash likes the heat but not when it is trying to pollinate. The zucchini on the right side of the photo is fine.

4 comments on “What’s wrong with this zucchini?

  1. John Marks says:

    I’m surprised to see a post from you so early in the evening – are you OK?


  2. gene solyntjes says:


    I am betting on the latter, the early heat at pollination being the cause. I have planted my melons/squash/gourds ina new location and it seemed to act asa “heat sync” during the time the bees were making their visits.;and the harvest will be there, but it sure won’t be impressive.



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