Make a Soil/Rock Sifter for New Garden Beds

My friend Adam made a sifter to sift out rocks from soil when creating new garden beds. It is a simple contraption made with stuff I had lying around. He found a pallet and cut it in half. Then he screwed 2 layers of chicken wire onto the pallet. He used two 2×4 as portable legs to lean it up on an angle. Then you just put a shovelful of your rocky soil on it and the dirt falls through while the rocks roll off. The soil is light and fluffy and ready to add compost or horse manure to it. When I later looked up how much one is you can buy online, they were $250! Here is Caleb using it on a new garden bed.

3 comments on “Make a Soil/Rock Sifter for New Garden Beds

  1. Kathleen Kinkopf says:

    Hi Jannine—I sifted some soil with a similar contraption for a bed that needed to be replanted a couple of weeks ago. The weird cross action required to do the sifting took a toll on all my body parts and muscles made it hard to walk for a couple of days. I went to a meeting the next day and someone asked me if I had been in a car accident. Sifting is cheaper than pilates class but has a much bigger bell curve. PS–You must be in heaven w/this awesome weather. I think we’re out of the winter woods…..xoxo


    • Hi Kathleen! Fortunately for me the guys who help me have done all the sifting but I know how you felt. Sometimes I can barely walk too. I forget I’m not in my 20’s anymore and tend to overdo it but there is so much to do! Just call me the Advil queen! thanks for following me on the blog!


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