New vegetable garden section update

Here is a picture of the new vegetable garden section this morning after a dusting of snow. It is now fenced completely except for the 2 gates, one of which was created today but still needs to be hung. All the raised beds are done.

My friend Adam, has been helping me and boy what a help he is! Quite the worker bee! He came out the other day and finished creating the beds except for one area that has a giant rock in it.  I swear  this rock keeps the whole neighborhood from sinking! So we let it remain (like we could dig it out-ha!) and will make an area with a bird bath and flowers to show it off.

The new garden has gone through an amazing transformation since I cleared the land last fall. I still have to put the horse manure in the new beds. It’s been a lot of work but is coming along nicely and should be ready by tomato planting time.

2 comments on “New vegetable garden section update

  1. gene solyntjes says:


    This suggestion goes along the theory that in order to teach a baby to walk it first must be taught to crawl. Not knowing the dimension of your rock, you may consider this. Since you display working skills with a Bobcat, you may consider renting a hammer drill and drilling a series of holes in the large stone as deep as the longest drill bit you can get. In fall fill those holes with water, the colder it gets in winter the more the water turned to ice will expand and you may see the first crack develop in your large stone. This may provide the impetus to continue drilling into the stone and as further cracks develop you will be dealing with smaller and smaller pieces of stone. At some point you will have small enough pieces to actually remove. Just a thought.

    Gene Solyntjes


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