Garlic coming up nicely


The garlic I planted last fall in November is already 8 inches tall and growing like weeds! I just love planting it in the fall, putting straw over it and watering it maybe once a month in winter. It is the first thing to come up in early spring and will be ready for harvest sometime in late June-early July. Such an easy crop to grow and a must grow for cooks. Nothing like cooking with fresh garlic. Plus a bonus is bugs don’t like it and rabbits don’t like it-nice! This year I grew both hardneck garlic which tastes great and softneck garlic which lasts a long time. Just be sure to save some of the biggest cloves to plant for next fall. Bigger cloves=bigger bulbs the following year!

2 comments on “Garlic coming up nicely

  1. Bridget says:

    When I saw the title and those lovely garlic shoots, my first question was, “When do you plant them?”

    And then you answered it! Thanks, and I will plant some this November.


    • Hi!
      Maybe you can plant a few right now. They won’t get quite as big as that planted in the fall but you will get some nice ones by August. Then replant more next Oct-Nov. for much bigger ones next summer.


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