How We Loaded the Giant Vegetables in a Truck

Mad Max and me looking like a mad hatter with that hair! Last day before cutoff.

Many of you asked how to I load these giant vegetables. Here are some pictures of the guys loading the giant pumpkins into the truck. If the pumpkins get much bigger, I’ll have to get them in with a hoist.

Many thanks to Janet and Tom Hiron for loaning me their truck, Pepe, for hauling these behemoths up to the weigh-off in Colorado and to the ‘Mad Max’ guys who loaded them. It truly takes a village to get help grow and promote these giants! Tomorrow I will post pics of the weigh-off.

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5 comments on “How We Loaded the Giant Vegetables in a Truck

  1. mac says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos, I was wondering how you move those pumpkins.


  2. gene solyntjes says:


    Well I have seen you grow through a whole single growing season. Congratulations! Now I get to spend the winter carefully rereading all your notes and glean a ton of tidbits on doing things differently next year. so my results are more similar to yours. I have no aspirations of growing huge fruit or veggies, but do want better production for next year.

    Good Going Girl!



    • Hi Gene-
      thanks for the congrats! Now i can start to do my other gardening projects now that the garden is basically done-like building a greenhouse, making bee gardens, expanding the garden and amending the hell out of the soil this fall! I don’t quit till the ground freezes 🙂


  3. John Marks says:

    As you drive along the highway to the weigh-in do people beep their horns and get excited when they see these behemoths rolling along?


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