4 New Mexico Giant Vegetable State Records Set in 2011!!!!

Giants Unloaded at Studio after the Weigh-Off

Four New Mexico Giant Vegetable State Records Set yesterday!

Yesterday I set 2 NEW New Mexico Records and BROKE 2 New Mexico Records that I set last year! My giant pumpkin, ‘Max’, ended up officially at 448 lbs breaking Kong’s record of 421 lbs last year. My giant marrow, ‘King Zuc II’ (zucchini) was 62 lbs which broke last year record of 43.5 lbs. My giant green squash, ‘Kryptonite’ (greenie) set a new record of 340 lbs and my long gourd, ‘Jake the Snake’, set a new record of 80″ in length. My giant pear gourd, ‘Gourdo’, weighed in at 103 lbs which was one lb more than the one at the State Fair earlier in September but there is no category for it. Sorry it took so long to post this but we had to get back from Colorado and get the guys back to unload all the giants at our studio! The next two posts will show the loading and Weigh-off but I wanted to get this out for all you following!

5 comments on “4 New Mexico Giant Vegetable State Records Set in 2011!!!!

  1. Frances says:



  2. Wow! How fantastic! Congratulations on all those records!


  3. mac says:

    Congratulations on breaking records.
    I saw your giant vegetables at the state fair and took pictures of it, but haven’t got around to post on my blog.


    • Thanks Mac. I wish the NM State Fair was later as I still have all of Sept to grow the giants and would have to cut a potential winner early. So the fair gets the ones I cull for each plant. Still it’s fun! Let me know if you want to try a giant pumpkin sometime and would be glad to give you some..


  4. mac says:

    Thanks for the offer Janine, I don’t have the space to grow giant vegetables, I have to keep all my veggies small and compact, my garden is quite small.


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