Giant Green Squash-‘Greenies’-all over 100 lbs now..

This is my first year of growing ‘greenies’ which are basically giant green squash the shape of pumpkins. I really like this plant. It is huge, by far the taking up the most space in the pumpkin patch. The leaves come up mid thigh to me and they have basically been very easy to grow. I have three good sized greenies that are taking off right now, all well over 100 lbs so far. One will go to the NM State Fair next week and the other two will duke it out to see who will be the heaviest for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weigh-off in Colorado. They all have names now. Meet the ‘greenies’!

Here is ‘Jabba the Hut’ named because it’s belly button is tilted more on top instead of on the side like the others and it is very lumpy. I like it’s shape! It is growing the fastest and is the largest at 118 lbs last Sunday.

Here is ‘Kyrptonite’. It has that classic perfect pumpkin shape with it’s belly button in the normal position on the side. It was 111lbs last Sunday.

Last is ‘The Hulk’, who is also growing in a weird shape as seen in the second picture below. It was 100 lbs last Sunday. I probably will take it to the NM State Fair next week.

2 comments on “Giant Green Squash-‘Greenies’-all over 100 lbs now..

  1. gene solyntjes says:


    I am happy with my squash but have nothing even remotely that large. You may get me hooked. I have an area 12 x 80 which could be a good place to let these behemoths grow. Where do you get he seed for such leviathans?



    • I belong to the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers (RMGVG) club and every year they give people who join an array of ‘giantseeds’ that they collect from their members. I’ve had this seed for 4 years in my stockpile and decided to try it. The seed came from a squash that weighed 903 lbs although I have no expectations of even getting close to that! Anyways if you want to try some giant squash next year and I’ll give you some… Here is their website:


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