Giant Marrow (zucchini) continues to grow in garden..

Giant marrow continues to grow in garden

I have a giant marrow seed that I got from a grower in the Netherlands that I’m growing this year. They call zucchini squash, courgettes or marrows in Europe. Both zucchini and marrows are in the same family- Curcurbita Pepo. My giant marrow (zucchini) is getting bigger and more gnarly. It is now kept wrapped up tightly with row cover to protect it from the pesky squirrel. I’m not sure how much it weighs as I don’t know of any measurement method like we have for giant pumpkins so it is always a surprise at the State Fair or at the Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth weigh-off  in Colorado but it sure looks BIG with that beer can on it for perspective. The US record for this type of giant vegetable is around 90 lbs! Last year, my biggest marrow weighed 43 lbs and set a NM State Record. This one is still growing so we will see!

9 comments on “Giant Marrow (zucchini) continues to grow in garden..

  1. Candace says:

    Holly cow !!! That’s HUGE !!! Please forgive my ignorant, are these giant babies edible ? Do we eat them ? How’s the texture and taste of them compare to those regular size ones ?


  2. Just finished reading your whole blog. It’s awesome. I really like tht you provide so much specific info. I have blogs I follow religiously listed on my blog. I’ve just added you. Thanks for the great read.


  3. Jeff asebedo says:

    I live in Denver and was curious if you know where I can get seeds to grow that type of giant zuchini?


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