Homegrown New Mexico-Vegetable Gardens, Potagers and Coop Tour

Today I volunteered at the first Homegrown New Mexico tour of 6 homes featuring vegetable gardens, potagers and chicken coops. I can’t say how impressed I am with this organization. First, they picked some fantastic examples in our city. The tour was incredibly organized AND they are only 5 months old. Phew! A big chunk to bite off and they did it extraordinarily well. At every site I got several ideas that I will want to incorporate into my own gardens. Here are some of the things I particularly enjoyed. Great job to all!

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3 comments on “Homegrown New Mexico-Vegetable Gardens, Potagers and Coop Tour

  1. Diane says:

    Jannine, It was great to see you. The tour was a huge success – my friends and I got some great ideas and had a ball.


  2. gene solyntjes says:

    Man alive, I wish I had been on that our to talk closely to the person with that large, uniform corn field! How does one get on the mailing list for next years tour?



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