Time to plant your vegetable seeds outside in Santa Fe

Weather next 5 days from May 24

Look at the forecast! Finally summer is upon us! I can’t wait! Yesterday my soil temperature was 70° F in my main vegetable garden so I feel like it is safe to plant our warm season seeds now. I will plant squash, cucumbers, and bean seeds as soon as I can get them in now. Do cover them with some row cover to help keep the birds and 4 legged critters from eating your seedlings as they come up.

I also will transplant the peppers, eggplants and the rest of my tomatoes as well. I have too many  veggies still to plant so I have decided not to grow winter squash as it takes so much space in the garden. Besides I grow giant pumpkins, the biggest squash of all so I can just eat that in the fall! Hope I can find room for everything!

5 comments on “Time to plant your vegetable seeds outside in Santa Fe

  1. Mud says:

    I planted my seeds last weekend. Very exciting! Can’t wait till stuff comes up!


  2. Diane says:

    Hi Jannine,

    I live in Santa Fe and came across your blog when looking for info on vegetable gardening in SF. I am a beginner in need of some help. Any ideas on classes or where I can go for basic info. I am getting ready to plant tomatoes and beans. I think I planted my peas too late – they are only a few inches tall right now. Can I plant carrots and beets now or is it too late?



    • Hi-
      Welcome to our area! I researched out if there were any classes on veggie gardening here and amazingly there are not any classes. Perhaps I should offer some for people who want basic and advanced techniques. I’ll think about it…

      Yes it too late to plant pea seeds but if you give your pea plants some shade, you might get some yet. It will soon be too hot for them and that is why I like shade cover over all my cool season crops from spinach, lettuce, peas, kale etc. It might extend your season a little.

      Now for tomatoes, you can go to the right side column of my blog and look under ‘garden topics’ and find ‘tomatoes’ where I have 64 posts for you to research how I grow them here. I have some recent tomato posts that might help you in planting them. You should buy starters from the nursery as it is too late for seeds. You don’t have to buy all the amendments I add to each hole but I would put in some yum yum mix (Santa Fe Greenhouses) and 1 tablespoon epsom salts (like you take a bath in)-it adds magnesium and helps with flowering and fruiting.

      Beans are easy-just pick out whether you want pole or bush variety-look on the seed packages. Put the seeds in the ground (I always amend the soil with compost) now. I plant pole varieties up fences or trellises to save space as they can get tall- I only plant them once. They will continue to produce beans until frost. Bush varieties make a limited supply of beans so you will need to plant more. For a continuous crop of bush variety, plant every 2 weeks for successive crops.


  3. Karen Schuld says:

    Really love your blog — I have been reading it because I will be moving from NYC to Rio en Medio this July — you are giving me inspiration about starting my own garden. thx!!


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