My blog is carbon neutral

My blog is carbon neutral

“My blog is carbon neutral” is an initiative, originally started in Germany by the “Make it Green” programme, that has the goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They plant one tree for each of the blogs that participate and thereby neutralise that blog’s carbon footprint for the next 50 years! But you must participate! Even though we have less of a footprint than printed material, we still leave a footprint.

How much carbon dioxide does your blog create?

According to a study by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, an average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. Assuming an average blog gets 15,000 visits a month, it has yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 3,6kg (8lb.). Now my blog doesn’t get 15,000 visits a month but according to this, it does use up energy. This can mainly be tracked back to the immense energy usage from (mainframe) computers, servers, and their cooling systems.

One tree neutralises the carbon dioxide emissions of your blog

The atmosphere can be relieved by an average of 5kg (11lb.) carbon dioxide every year by planting one tree. An average blog causes 3.6kg (8lb.) of carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, a tree neutralises the carbon dioxide emissions of a blog. Since a tree lives for an average of 50 years, carbon dioxide emissions of your blog can be completely neutralised for this time period.

Being part of the initiative “My blog is carbon neutral” is an active contribution to help the environment!  Make it happen – make it green!  To find out more go  here to see the latest update.

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