10 things to Do in April in the Garden

Here are 10 things we can do in our gardens this month.  As the season commences, we will get busier and busier which means I’ll be posting at night when it is dark and I can’t be out in the garden! (oh yea-I work too).

1. It isn’t too late to get a soil test to see what amendments you will need for this year. I just sent mine out last week.

2. Time to add AGED horse manure (at least 4 months old) to your beds and dig it in. Don’t use hot manure-it is too late for that. Use hot in the fall so it has time to cool off and break down. Every year I add more and the soil gets richer and richer. Our soil is so crappy that we need to enrich it for veggies. If you can’t find any old, aged horse manure, then buy some compost in bags from your local nursery and dig it in.

3. Finish cleaning out your garden and trimming perennials if you haven’t already.

4. Make some LARGE TOMATO CAGES. I use concrete reinforcement wire because it has 6 inch square holes to get you hand through to pick tomatoes and it is 5 feet tall. Go in with someone to buy a roll if you don’t need too many cages.

5. Transplant your little tomatoes that some of you are growing into the next larger size and give them light.

6. Check your drip systems and timers to make sure they are in good working order BUT do not keep them attached yet because we still can get freezing nights. If you don’t have a drip system, look into doing one. I use the store, Firebird here in Santa Fe to get parts and their expertise on the subjects. It’s not hard to do and really saves on the water and your time.

7. Start adding to your compost pile again. Heat it up. Turn it over. Use HOT MANURE to heat it up or powdered blood meal which is high in nitrogen. I don’t compost in winter because it is too hard for me to keep hot but it is a good time to start one now..

8. Put CORN GLUTEN down in your veggie garden paths. It is a PRE-EMERGENT for controlling weed seeds and is ORGANIC. You can order it from The Feed Bin here in Santa Fe. BUT if your weeds are up already, it acts as a fertilizer. (It is very high in nitrogen and that is why it burns the seedlings but will also feed weeds that get established). Don’t put in veggie beds where you will be planting any seeds as it will burn any seeds

9. Now you can plant carrots, shallots, beets, lettuces, spinach, all greens, onions, and garlic OUTSIDE. I will still use some row cover to protect them at night.

10. Speaking of ROW COVER, now is the time to get some from our local nurseries. MOST of them carry it (but not Home Depot or Lowes-no big box stores). The nurseries usually sell out. I would get some heavy weight for now and a lighter weight for summer or get the lighter weight and double it up for now. You can also order it online. Just google: row cover.

That’s it-Get busy!

5 comments on “10 things to Do in April in the Garden

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  2. gene solyntjes says:

    HI Jannine,
    Freshly back from a Minnesota trip via highway, its a pleasure to read on this site that we can start to plant outside now.

    Yesterday i visited Firebird and Kelly had received all my diagrams, specs and images in advance and we spent 1 1/2 hours gathering all the different items I needed to completely convert our horse corral into a garden complete with greenhouse, corn field, veggie garden and also raspberries and grapes. Kelly even placed the components in zip lock bags and carefully wrote down what section all these components went in. I thanked God for that since I am going into a STEEP learning curve this year regarding drip irrigation.

    I am feeling some progress now in reading this list because I have done a lot of it, and learned about corn gluten. I shall be advanced into warming mats next Spring and we have plenty of light here near windows and will not need the flourescent lights.

    Have you tried Blue Hubbard squash? I was given the seeds from a Zen monk who has a greenhouse north of us in the foot hills and everything we have started growing pales by comparison to the growth of these squash so far. Still new at this gardening I can barely believe how fast these squash have taken off, and I am very pleased with the rest of our growth in pots etc, which includes some yucca seeds I harvested last fall..

    Take Care,

    Gene S.


  3. cia friedrich says:

    Wonderful read, keep bloggin. I also ground up some almonds and put them in the off colored sauce. : )


  4. sophiefrancoise says:


    You are so generous in sharing your knowledge, experience, experiments in the garden.
    You make it so much easier to know more about what to do, when to do it, and how…
    Get out in the garden now…do it smarter, more easily, with more knowledge and confidence…
    Love you and your very kind heart…!
    Happy Gardening! (It’s always a success, as it keeps me outside, rather than cleaning inside!)



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