Over 10,000 visitors to giantveggiegardener blog!

Over 10,000 visitors to Giantveggiegardener’s blog! Thank you for showing up and checking it out! We are all in this gardening thing together! Growing our own food really puts us in touch with how to care for mother earth in a gentle, organic way and makes me more conscious about our limited resources. When I first started this blog, there would be days where I’d have few if any visitors and I felt like I was talking to the wind. I’m not alone! Again thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back for more!

3 comments on “Over 10,000 visitors to giantveggiegardener blog!

  1. Mud says:

    Let’s make a deal. You keep making good posts and we’ll keep coming. Sounds good?

    10,000 is quite a milestone, congrats!


  2. mac says:

    Congratulations! As you say we’ll all in this together, there are not many veggie gardening info for NM, thanks for posting all those useful information. I’m following your blog.


  3. gene solyntjes says:

    Hi Jannine,

    There are, undoubtedly, thousands of gardeners such as I who can use your excellent advice and experience. Presently in Minnesota, I am already looking forward to my return to northern NM, my greenhouse, tree lines and various gardens. Wish i could also bring 10,000,000 gallons of this water runoff which is swelling the rivers and streams of Minnesota to flood stage, with me!
    Gene S.


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