Wind broke my coldframe

Plexiglass broken/bubble wrap insulation shredded

Dang it! I left the lid to the coldframe up the other day and the wind came up while I was gone and broke the lid. I mean it must of really come up cause it broke one of the 1/4″ plexiglass panels in it. Plexi isn’t so easy to break.

Rabbits don't need to sneak in with an 8 inch gap!

Anyways it also torqued the frame as well because now there is an eight inch gap in the corner where the wood frame was forced apart. Great, now the rabbits can walk in. I have to rebuild the lid and somehow pull the wood together on the frame with the dirt inside and re-screw it back together. Way more work than I have time for. And the arugula is coming up inside. Bummer…

Whole left side of coldframe broke-ARRRGH!

On the good side, look at my view from the house in the bottom photo!

4 comments on “Wind broke my coldframe

  1. Candace says:

    Arghhh … sorry to hear that . That’s sucks !!!


  2. Candace says:

    Hi, I m nt even sure wht’s wrong with the weather here lately, even wth ths supposedly nice SoCal weather ( I live in Huntington Beach a mile away frm the beach ), seeds still take a long time to sprout, which is a little unusual for us here.

    We had a 2 weeks of on & off rain last couple weeks & temperature had been rather cool ( I think I will use the term “cool” instead of “cold” as I knw other part of the countries are still snowing at this time of year 😉 ). The sun finally came out proud and warm today, but my backyard is sucks, it is so shady that I always joke “nothing would grow in my backyard except molds” & I am almost not exaggerating 😦

    I got all my seeds from Baker’s Creek Seeds. So I have confident that the seeds are still alive, I must have done something wrong to kill the seeds when I sowed them. By the way, I have like a 2 percent of sprouting rates on all the seeds: part of those that I sowed on March 10 has already sprouted & a very few of those that I sowed on March 2 just had their little heads poking out the seedling mix .


    • Hi Candace-
      When you say the temperature is cool, I’m wondering how cool? What is the temperature where the seedlings are? If you tell me the temps get down into 60’s at night, that might be your problem. Maters, peppers, eggplants like it very warm to germinate. Like in the 80’s and I don’t think So. California is that warm right now, especially at night. So you probably need to keep them where it is warmer (some people put them on top of a refrigerator which is warmer until they germinate and then move them to a sunny window or under lights) and for sure they would need to be inside. But the best thing you can do is get a plant heating mat especially if you plan to germinate seeds. I got mine on the internet. It will keep the soil evenly warm which is super important. If the soil is not warm enough, the seeds just sit there and eventually rot and you’ll have to replant seeds. My tomatoes germinated in less than a week with a heating mat (inside of course because we are at freezing temps at night) and then I put them under a light box. I’m going to write a post on germinating tomatoes next with even more info that I hope will help. I know it’s such a bummer when they don’t germinate. Baker Heirloom has good seeds as you thought.


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