Santa Fe Master Gardeners Herb Sheet

I just finished teaching the Vegetable class this evening class for our Master Gardener Interns and realized during the class I didn’t xerox off the Herb Info sheet. I told the class they can get it here by Tuesday but I’m teaching the other class at 9am so here it is now for anyone liking a copy of it. You can get it here HERBS as a pdf and print it out for yourselves. Class was great tonight with some very intelligent questions and I hope they all enjoyed it!

2 comments on “Santa Fe Master Gardeners Herb Sheet

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    I know you did not teach this class last year since that’s when I took it. Doubtless the students got much important information. I look forward to planting the rest of the veggies you suggested recently. We are visiting people near San Antonio, and I look forward to the ground prep on the outside gardens near the greenhouse and the drip lines have already been dug, awaiting some instructions and various equipment from that firm.



    • Hey Gene-
      You are right, this is my first year teaching the vegetable class and I really enjoyed it. It looks like finally we are getting some decent weather to start prepping the soil and planting! Yea!!!


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