unusual radish shapes!

My friend Lava had extra radishes she grew and since I didn’t grow any and it is getting hot and the radishes bolt, she told me to go over to her garden and pull some. To my surprise I found some very large wierd shapes.  Here are a few of them.


This one on the left had split and looked like a Tim Burton character. I added some cloves for eyes and nostrils but it was already there just waiting for my imagination to enhance it. I like the roots for hair.

Cracking in a radish indicates it is over-mature and will probably be bitter but this one was too much fun to care.

The one below on the right looks like a butt. She got booty! Amazing what a radish can create (at least in my mind). Need I say more…


Radishes can split if they get watered inconsistently or with a sudden rain storm.

Radishes are also a deterrent against some pests such as cucumber beetles and carrot rust flies. They are a good organic pest control if  planted around veggies that get those pests.