Water your plants NOW

apple tree-granny prunedJust checked the weather for the next few days and it looks good for us-FINALLY warming up from the frigid days and nights we’ve had. Ahhh, my little goatie things are so happy down at the barn! I always feel bad for them but they are hardy creatures with very warm coats (I daresay warmer than the ones I’ve worn lately)!

But on to the title of this post-Now is the time to water during this ‘warm’ spell. What should we water? Water ALL your plants and trees EXCEPT the ones in the shade with the snow around them. Don’t bother with them as they are frozen and we don’t need to water frozen ground as it won’t sink in anyways (but when the snow melts around them, include them too). We have had some precipitation but not enough for them. They need some water in the winter too.

How much should we be watering in the winter? WATER ONCE A MONTH during a warm spell unless we get a substantial amount of precipitation that month. And don’t forget to mark it on your calendars so you can see back when you watered last. Your trees and plants will thank you for it and you will thank them come spring when they wake up from sleeping in all their glory!