Growing Virginia Sweet Tomatoes

Virginia Sweet Tomato

A lot of people are looking for Virginia Sweet tomatoes. Last year, a friend of mine gave me an unbelievable tomato called Virginia Sweet. They have been hard to find around here in the nurseries but you can find seeds to start your own at So when I saw that Aqua Fria Nursery is growing them this year as starts, I got excited. I went out and got a couple of them and can’t wait to grow and EAT them as they are one of the sweetest, tastiest heirloom tomatoes around. They are a rather large (around 1 lb) bi-color tomato with red-yellow streaking on both the outside and inside and one of the more beautiful tomatoes you can grow. They take awhile to grow and get to harvest (about 80 days) but are definitely worth the wait. Right now they are inside under the lights waiting to go outside. If you like large, beautiful, delicious, supersweet tomatoes, you might want to try growing one of these this year.

beautiful marbling inside a Virgina Sweet tomato