Alien Martini Glasses

Alien Glasses and 'World's Largest Olives'

I can’t wait for the next martini party we go to! I can’t wait to have a martini after a long day in the garden this summer! We made 4 Alien martini glasses at our hot glass shop, Liquid Light Glass. I thought they’d be fun to drink out of!  This is an idea I’ve had for a long time and finally, Elodie Holmes, Cia Friedrich, and I made a few to try out. Cia and I made the alien heads, and then Elodie, Cia and I blow the goblet parts and put it all together. Here is a picture of two of the glasses with the ‘World’s Largest Green Olives’ I found at Trader Joe’s.

Here I am with my first martini out of the 'Alien Martini Glasses'

Now I’m not a gin martini drinker, but a vodka martini drinker myself. (I haven’t even started drinking it in this picture-I must be tired!) I got turned off to gin after, an ‘experience’ in college many moons ago.

Cats must come from an Alien Race!

I think cats, come from an alien race! I mean look at our cat, Chaka-she looks like an alien!

Now I know all you true martini drinkers cringe at us vodka martini drinkers but I contend (and I like my martini dirty-ooh, doubly bad!)) that gin is nothing more than vodka that has been infused! No you say? Not possible? Well, they both start out from ‘neutral spirits’. Vodka has all flavoring and coloring removed (unless you get one of the flavored ones) and gin has to be infused with juniper berries to be considered gin.

The main ingredient in gin is juniper berries (except for the alcohol)!

HMM! Did I say juniper berries? Now there’s an idea! Something to do after juniper allergy season here in Santa Fe with all those juniper berries! Here’s a fun article on making your own gin from on ‘How to Make Your Own Gin Without a Still’. Ingenious—for all you adventurous types! Me? I’ll stick to my vodka martinis in my Alien martini glasses!

Juniper Pollen Count Highest in a Decade

Juniperus ashei pollencones

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper on March 16, “Monday, marked the highest pollen count in a decade in Albuquerque, according to pollen data records kept by the city. A pollen-data station on Albuquerque’s west side recorded a juniper pollen count of 3,349, more than a thousand above the last record.” They haven’t released the juniper pollen count for Santa Fe yet but I bet it’s also a record setter this year too.

How does this affect us gardeners? Well some gardeners can’t even get out of their houses (much less even open their windows) this time of year because of intense allergies to the juniper pollen. The culpert? Juniperus ashei. It is one of the predominant trees/bushes here in the surrounding areas outside of Santa Fe and causes allergies for many people living here. It’s the male juniper that causes all the problems releasing the orange waves of pollen from its many pollen cones this time of year. If you look around you can see the difference between the male and female junipers with the male junipers turning rusty orange right now just before they release their pollen in the wind. Good luck to all of you with this allergy this year in particular. And for those of us not bothered by the juniper now is a great time to start your spring garden.