2011 Vegetable Garden Plans

My 2011 garden plan is too big for this post so I divided it in half in hopes you can read it. Maybe not though. Anyways this is my main garden plan from the left side. The  second image below the first one is of the right side of the garden plan with the strawberries being the over lapping part.  It totals around 3000 sq feet for lots of vegetables. Notice I still don’t have all the areas filled yet.

I also have a plan for the pumpkin patch but won’t publish that as it will only has 3 giant pumpkins and some giant marrow growing in it this year. It  also is 3000 sq feet for all of them. Giant pumpkins take a lot of room to grow. They are the gorillas of the garden going anywhere they want to so it is best to get them out of the main garden and let them sprawl.

You can make your own garden plan groveg.com. It’s a great program and easier to read than my chicken scratch in years past. (Don’t tell my chickens, they can read their chicken scratch just fine. You can save the plans from year to year and then just change out the veggies once you make a plan. It’s also fun to do and looks nice. I print it out and put it in my garden shed to remind me what to plant and where.

main garden left side

main garden right side