New additions to the family!


I don’t know where I got this farming thing cause I grew up in a city but I really love having a mini farm or as I say a ‘artisan farm’ on the edge of town. Four years of attrition, losing 8 animals (all but 2 were geriatric—1 horse (colic), 3 dogs (old age), 2 goats (old age) and 1 cat (old age) and 1 more goat (bloat) is sad enough. Two new baby goaties have been added to the barn. They are about 1-year-old bringing our total to 4 goats. It feels good to build up the farm again. Nothing worse than an half-empty barn.


The other two are Bella Rosa and Hunwee, the 3-year-old African goaties.


The new goaties pictured above look like baby deer or antelope to me with their tall skinny legs and fine bones. They are a cross between a Lamacha goat and another goat-father unknown.  Pumpkin is a orangy-brown and Iris is tri-color with predominately black white markings. Iris has a face like, well an iris. They are built very different from the short squatty African goaties.


Pumpkin likes to stand in the food bowl while she eats. I’ve even caught her sleeping in the food bowl but didn’t have my iphone at the time to take a pic.


In fact Pumpkin likes to eat all the time. Soon she will outweigh Bella Rosa!


Iris has a markings on her face that remind me of an iris. I think she is very beautiful. Notice her very small elf-like ears which are a Lamacha goat trait. Very different from the large African goat ears.


She is the most shy of the two new goaties and cries if separated from Pumpkin even if only for a moment. They are sisters and are inseparable.


Here are all the girls together. The white goat in the background is Hunwee, next is Bella Rosa with the big bat ears (she is all black except for the most gorgeous white teeth!) In the foreground are the two new baby sister goaties, Iris and then in front of her is Pumpkin.

Please welcome Iris and Pumpkin!

The Bella Rosa and Hunwee Dance

I saw Bella and Wee playing the head butt game. One jumps up and then the other one jumps up and then they butt heads really gently. Not aggressive at all. When I first clicked the camera, they stopped. So I waited patiently and they started again. Here are some pics of the action.

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Sonny, Bella Rosa and Hunwee-my little barn buddies

"I'm Hunwee!"

I still have barn animals having rescued (3) one year old Dwarf Nigerian goats, Sonny, Bella Rosa, and Hunwee. A friend, Kate, who lives in the city, came to us telling us that someone had shot one of her goats and was wondering if we knew anyone who might want the rest of them as she feared for her little clan. So they live in the country now away from danger. They are young and healthy and they bring lots of energy to the barn with their antics. Sort of like monkeys running and jumping and butting each other. They play king of the mountain on their jungle gym I made them. Here are some pictures of them.



Bella Rosa sez, "What's up?"

Sonny-"Mr.Chow Hound to you!"

"This is our jungle gym!"

Sonny-"Hey where's my chow?!"

"We want to be on your side"