Welcome to a new gardening year

Happy gardening in 2011

Welcome to a new gardening year! Just wanted to give thanks and gratitude to a great gardening year and to all of you who visited this past year. There were approximately 5700 of you from all over the world who visited at one time or another and that isn’t in a full year since I started Jan. 12, 2010. WOW! I’m not alone in my gardening venture! I plan to share more of my information and new gardening adventures this season.

My major gardening goals for 2011 are:
(I call them goals instead of resolutions that way I can’t break them)

1. Grow a 525+ lb giant pumpkin
2. Grow a 75+ lb giant marrow
3. Grow a giant green squash (think green pumpkin-like squash)
4. Grow a 4+ lb giant tomato
5. Build a hoophouse by Spring

The goals are now out to the universe. I’m a firm believer that one must put them out there to make them happen. I better get busy for this huge list!

So I got a lot on my plate this coming year and I hope you follow along, glean some useful info from the posts, AND share any info you may have as well. The more we learn from each other the better gardeners we’ll be. Have a great year!