Grow flowers in your veggie garden!

Last year I had an edible flower class out here on the mini-farm. The garden looked so beautiful. I normally grow flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial bugs but had the bonus of edible flowers as well. I liked mixing them within some of the crops. Nice to remember how beautiful it was considering the garden is sleeping now. Here are some photos from it.

I love my zinnias!

I love my zinnias in my vegetable garden. They are so beautiful and I love the new streaked varieties. They are a double zinnia and are so interesting to look at and the pollinators like them. I know if I was a bee, I would visit them!

They are also an edible flower-check out this article on eating them and recipes at:

Edible Flowers List for 2011


titan sunflowers

There are many flowers that are edible and beautiful either in regular garden or vegetable garden. I like to put all kinds of flowers in the veggie garden—some pollinators, attractors, and edible. I like the entrance to the veggie garden beautiful.  Following is the list of edible flowers that will be planted or are already on the property:




Lavender (in existing different area)

Marigold-Lemon Gem

Nasturtiums-Alaska Tip Top



Roses (in different existing area)

Black Oil Seed sunflower (for the birds!)

Titan Sunflowers