Eating Purslane

Purslane is a weed but on other parts of the world, it is a delicacy. Right now it is growing in several walkways in the vegetable garden. When I weeded yesterday, I left the purslane because I wanted to see how it tasted at dinner last night.

I picked the most mature plants and rinsed the dirt off them and put them in a plastic baggie in the refrigerator. Later at dinnertime, I fixed it two ways. First I cut off the little leafy stems off the main stem and put it in a tossed salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. The other way was I sautéed the rest of it with butter and garlic. I had both Lava and Elodie try it at dinner and all of us agreed we liked it best raw in the salad although cooked it reminded me of cooked Swiss chard. Now the good thing is that it is super high in Omega-3s—higher than salmon and it tastes good.Who woulda thunk?!

My other critters like it too! I gave some pieces of purslane to the goats and they really liked it. Lastly I gave some to my chickens, and they loved it! So if you have chickens who lay eggs, I think you now have a way to get high omega-3 in the yolk if you feed them enough purslane.

I will keep some of it around but will pick all of it before it flowers so it doesn’t re-seed.

Try purslane weed-it’s good!


Purslane is considered a weed here in the U.S. but this year it is the ONLY weed I ALLOW in the vegetable garden. That’s right. I allow this weed to grow freely anywhere it wants. Purslane has been eaten in Mexico and Europe for years where it is not considered a weed and the gold miners in California at the turn of the century ate it as well. Hence it is called Miner’s lettuce also.

What most people don’t know is that it tastes good too. I took a bite of it in the garden and it has a sort of lemony taste and was very juicy as it is a succulent. One of my friends told me their mother use to saute it with a little garlic, salt and red chili pepper flakes and eat it with her pinto beans. Now that sounds tasty enough! I also heard people mix it in their salads which I can imagine also as I liked the taste of it raw. And best of all, it has the highest Omega-3 amino acids of any vegetable, in fact higher than salmon! What a great way to get our Omega -3’s! So pull this weed out and eat it. But if you grow it, pull it out before it reseeds itself or grow it in an area you don’t care about.