Successful Seed Planting class handouts

For those of you who attended the class I taught last night at the Seed Library in Southside Library, Santa Fe, thanks for coming! All 58 of you! And thanks to the Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener for putting this class on. Even if you couldn’t attend the class, you may find the handouts useful.

Don’t forget you can pick up seeds at the Seed Library at Southside Library starting MARCH 25.This will be in lieu of the various seed booths around town.

Below are the handouts as pdfs so you can print them in case you need them.


soil temperatures for veggie seeds

Seed-Starting Calculator-2023



2 comments on “Successful Seed Planting class handouts

  1. Cynthia Brown says:

    Hi Jannine,
    Thank you so much for the handouts! I was late since I work, and they were all gone!!
    I was hoping that I could get more information about your greenhouse that was briefly shown in Your slide show? We have some old sliding door panels that have been pondering over how to use to recycle them for a greenhouse.
    I was in the Master Gardeners class the fall that Covid hit. The classes cancelled and I never got back to it. Thank you so much for your class! I learned we are doing our lighting wrong on my grow rack!! Will lower them this weekend.


    • I used some glass panels from a sunroom where the seals had leaked. I tore them apart (they were double paned) and used them for my sides in my greenhouse. I’ve seen people use old doors for the tops of coldframes.

      My greenhouse was made from a recycled door I found on a garbage pickup day on a street, the side panels came from that sunroom, the roof came from some old double walled polycarbonate panels from Agua Fria nursery that they were getting rid of (some had hail damage). They were replacing their panels. I didn’t find the damage problematic (small holes) and I was there in the winter when they were redoing their greenhouse. I bought the wood for framing. I was going to do a greenhouse with plastic over it but all this stuff just came to me and so I thought I better build a ‘hard’ greenhouse. You are welcome to come by sometime and see it in person and take notes if you’d like. Contact me at to set up if interested…


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