Black Krim Tomato-an interesting history

Black Krim Tomato_Courtesy of Wiki_By Johnh –

One of the best things about growing heirloom tomatoes is sometimes their history. I found the history of some tomatoes is fascinating and when I was at the Farmers Market, I was the first to include the description and history of the tomatoes I sold. People really enjoyed reading about what they were eating and where it was from.

One such tomato is the Black Krim, a favorite for many people. It has a very interesting history as it originated in Ukraine. Black Krim is the Ukrainian word for Crimea. I didn’t know any of this. I knew it was from Russia but not specifically from Ukraine and to be exact, Crimea, which Russia took back in 2014 after invading it before this year’s invasion of Ukraine. I found out this information from Terrior Seeds. To read more on the Black Krim from Terrior Seeds, go here. How relevant to today’s world.

One comment on “Black Krim Tomato-an interesting history

  1. Mr. Woke says:

    I am SOOOOO relieved to know that I can continue to plant Black Krim tomatoes. Meanwhile, I am pulling up all of my Russian Sage and all of the Siberian Elms which populate my property, which are invasive anyway. I think we need to start a campaign to uproot every single Russian Sage across ALL of Santa Fe. What a relief not to have to look at them all summer long. And thank you for remembering to politicize gardening. It’s truly such a relief to know you are on the lookout for our collective moral wellbeing.


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