First raspberries of the season!

raspberries_irst harvest 07-25

First small harvest of raspberries was yesterday, July 25. It seems early this year as this variety, called Polana, is usually a fall bearing raspberry, not mid summer. Hopefully we have a long raspberry season this year.  Ate them with vanilla ice cream-yummy! Last year, I started harvesting blackberries before raspberries but not this year.  One good thing is all the berries are getting lots of water from our monsoons this year. Blessed be.

7 comments on “First raspberries of the season!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    I take them when I get them, especially since they are in other people’s gardens. (I might be more concerned with their schedule if I knew what cultivars they were, and there were in my own garden.)


  2. Janine Cohen says:

    It’s so nice to hear you are getting a lot of rain! That feels good!


  3. Amanda Silver says:

    Hi Jannine, do you do garden consulting in the area. Recent transplant looking for 1-2 hour consult in Santa Fe area.


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