Friulana summer squash-a big winner!

friulana squashIt’s not too late to plant zucchini or summer squash as you will still get lots this season. I’m totally smitten with Rugosa Friulana summer squash. I’ve written about it before but feel its worth mentioning again.

You can get seeds from Seeds from Italy. It takes 40-60 days to harvest so there is still plenty of time to grow from seed. If you let it get large, it will be ‘woody’ and is better harvested small from 6-7 inches.

Two reasons I really like this summer squash. First, it has a wonderful sweet, nutty taste with dense flesh and doesn’t get ‘watery’ when cooked down. Second, it doesn’t attract squash bugs in my garden. I can’t say this for every garden but everyone I give it too has had the same experience. I don’t know why they don’t mention it in the description, but that is a really another big reason for me to grow it. Anything to make my work easier in the veggie garden is good. I don’t know about squash vine borers as I always keep all squash covered early in the season with row cover when the squash vine borers are out and about. I take it off when the blossoms appear. Try it-I think you will be come a big fan of it too.

PS: Some of you have mentioned that your Friulana summer squash did attract squash bugs so I can’t make a definite statement that it won’t attract them because in some gardens it evidently does. But I do feel that I have less problems with this variety regarding squash bugs but appreciate your imput regarding this variety.

One comment on “Friulana summer squash-a big winner!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Okay, I probably already mentioned this earlier, but I still grow the common green zucchini. I do not remember its name, but it might be ‘Fordhook’. I have always grown it, and it is still the most productive. I also grow another similar summer squash with better flavor. This second variety is variable from year to year, as I am not so discriminating about it, as long as the common green zucchini is out there too. Last year and the year prior, it was the common yellow crookneck squash. I grew only the common green zucchini prior to that. I believe I grew ‘Black Beauty’ prior to that, but that might have been even longer ago than that. (I was not impressed with that one.) Anyway, I have difficulty with trying new things, and would actually feel guilty about not growing the common zucchini that I have always grown, even though it is not my favorite. It is just so productive, and makes so much to share! You make trying new and unusual varieties look so easy, as well as appealing!


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