Here’s the garden this morning at 7 am. I wasn’t expecting snow but here it is! The row cover blew off the tomatoes in those 60+mph winds last nite but they are so big and dense, I think if I did sustain some freezing damage, it will only be on the edges-the interior tomatoes should be ok.

Some flowers, rhubarb got bit pretty hard but the row covers stayed on the squashes, beans and RASPBERRIES and they seem ok! The snow melted pretty quick as it wasn’t much but it did stay cold all day. Tonight is our first fire in the fireplace. The temperature last night broke a record for earliest freeze in Santa Fe! Hope it warms up by the weekend and we get an Indian summer until mid-October. Am I dreaming?!


8 comments on “Snow!

  1. Koponen Emmy says:

    I came home to 10 inches of snow , was before 1990 but close to that year. It was past las Trampas, when I homesteader in Canada de Los Alamos.


    • Yes Los Alamos de la Canada is a little higher in elevation and gets snow usually before here at my place. I have a friend who lives there and can grow cool season crops like peas and spinach all summer. I can’t grow either down here on my property in the SUMMER-too hot.


  2. mmcgeary759 says:

    Hi Jannine, looks like we got a bit less snow and wind on East Zia. Put winter covers (heavy clear plastic) on 2 hooped raised beds, but as of yesterday, the cucumbers and peppers in another bed had survived even though the summer cover had blown off. Left everything covered up through a second night just to be safe. Like you, hope for a another warm month.


  3. tonytomeo says:

    ?! WHAT?!
    Well, at least this is not normal. Wow, one of these days, I must experience such weather. I mean, later in the year, it would be interesting to see what a normal winter is like.


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