July 18-Unveiling the girls!

I’m a little behind in my posting. Here we are unveiling the girls on July 18th which is very exciting for me as I can finally see them without the row cover on them.

I remove the row cover after the beet leafhopper leaves. I think four of the tomato row covers blew off and then the tomato plant got bit by a leafhopper which gave them curly top virus (CTV), a fatal virus. I will pull those plants once I make sure they do have CTV. It is a vector disease which means it’s is passed from insect to a plant and is not contagious between plants. The leafhopper disappears after the monsoons come.

7 comments on “July 18-Unveiling the girls!

  1. Marcy Grote says:

    When will your beauties be for sale?


    • I don’t grow as much as I use to since I retired from the Farmers Market BUT I usually will have some for sale once they get into high gear. Right now I’m getting 1-2 tomatoes every couple of days. I have lots on the vine and will notify everyone interested in buying some for each week they are available in quantity. I’ll put your email address on my list. Thanks for asking!


  2. Deanna says:

    That’s a bunch of tomato plants! I know you mentioned in the other comment it’s not as much as you used to grow, but wow! I am curious since this is only my 3rd year to grow tomatoes in New Mexico, I noticed in the video the bottoms of your row covers on the tomatoes don’t look secured down. Were they secured prior to the beginning of the video? If so, how were they secured? Just want the info for future reference. I’ve been using rocks to hold mine down at the bottom, but wonder if the completely closed off bottom creates a too humid environment at the base of the plants. Thanks!


    • Yes I wrap each row of tomato cages with row cover and they are attached using clothes pins everywhere. At the bottom, where they wrap around the cages and on top. We took off all but the ones wrapping around the row so you didn’t have to watch up take off all the other pins. Did it for the sake of yhe photo op!


  3. Janine Cohen says:

    Wow! are they gorgeous!! I’d be interested in seeing a photo of the diseased ones. Thanks for sharing your garden!!


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