Tomato Plants-when to take row cover off

Many of you are asking when can you take your row covers off your tomato plants. NOT YET-be patient

Leave row covers on tomatoes for now-I know we are all anxious to take them off. I leave mine on till the monsoons come and they are NOT here yet—occasional rain is not considered the monsoons and will not drive the leafhopper away. The leafhopper likes dry, hot, windy conditions (which we have now) so I’m sure it’s still around. The leafhopper kills tomato plants by biting your plant, giving it Curly Top Virus (CTV) which is fatal to your tomato plants. The row covers are a physical barrier so the bug can’t get to your plant. So for now, (sigh) I will leave them on even though I’m dying to remove them like you. Historically, the monsoons come somewhere around the 2nd week of July but it could come later too. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer.

I will post as soon as I take mine off so you all know…

4 comments on “Tomato Plants-when to take row cover off

  1. tonytomeo says:

    I am SO glad that we need not contend with this.


  2. Deanna says:

    Lol, I had to extend my tomato covers today as my plants already reached the top. I have been securing the bottom of the covers with rocks. But I had an unexpected twist. A large bull snake smelled my scent at the base of the tomato coverings, and I guess it didn’t know people are too big to eat, and it moved all the rocks, and raised the base of the coverings in places looking for what made that scent! So, I am hoping that the leaf hoppers didn’t infect my tomatoes before I discovered the issue late in the evening. I love bull snakes, but this one has been creating issues on a daily basis for a week in my garden now, lol. Go catch a bunny or some mice already! 😅


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