Tip Toe Through the Tulips

In these trying times, we need to appreciate nature and gardens. Being in my garden helps ground me, always has, but this year in particular I need to feel the earth under my feet. It is one of the few things that keeps me sane right now.

Last fall I went bonkers ordering so many tulips online and I thought what have I done? So much work planting them all (65 in all I believe). Well, now they are blooming and I am so loving their beauty plus they will come back every year.

To keep my cat from digging in the dirt around the tulips, Elodie suggested I put rocks around them. Works like a charm. No more tramping on them, digging around them and breaking them.
Not all gardening is food for the belly. Some of it is food for our souls. Something we all need right now.

4 comments on “Tip Toe Through the Tulips

  1. Pamela Grob says:

    Beautiful…definitely worth the effort planting them.


  2. Pamela Grob says:

    Is it too early to put out my lettuce, swiss chard, peas, and spinach starts? They are about 1-2″.


    • Become a weather buff and check it daily. The weather around here can change every day but so far next Sun-Wed are below freezing in the 20’s. You can plant chard and spinach but I would wait to plant lettuce and peas till after this cold snap. Cover EVERYTHING with row cover (RC)-1 or 2 layers at nite but uncover in the day when you put anything out this month. Weather is too fickle. Wait on lettuce/peas till after this cold snap but put out soon-right after this cold snap but still cover everything with RC.


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