Kalibos cabbage-unbelievably beautiful!

For the last 2 years I’ve grown Kalibos cabbage. A friend of mine, Alessandra turned me on to it. This beautiful Eastern European variety is cone shape with huge outer leaves that surround the cone. The cabbage has a high sugar content and intense reddish-purple leaves. The flavor is sweet. Finally a cabbage I like! I never liked cabbage before. It is so beautiful in the garden and makes quite a statement.

I especially like planting it with flowers like in the picture above. It will be equally beautiful nestled in with other plants or in the veggie garden. Needs full sun and takes 2-3 square feet in the garden. Start seeds indoors and transplant them outside under some lightweight row cover. Harvest in late summer or fall. I got my seeds from rareseeds.com (Baker Heirloom Seeds). 90 days to harvest.

2 comments on “Kalibos cabbage-unbelievably beautiful!

  1. bobinsf@aol.com says:

           Thanks Jeannine … I will look for some seeds … just now making higher raised beds.            Bob markham


  2. tonytomeo says:

    You know, my favorite is still the common green cabbage that has become less popular over the years. I think if it were too pretty, I would not want to harvest it. It does not do very well here, although it might like the new garden better than the former garden (long story).


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