Veggie Garden Finito!

Three boxes of green tomatoes (now ripening inside), Butternut squash, Pink Glass Gem corn harvested Oct 9

The veggie garden is done for the season. Harvesting was intense since the first freeze came about a week earlier this year.

Onions and sweet potatoes and other crops (not pictured) harvested this past Sunday

I harvested the last of the warm season crops like corn, tomatoes, raspberries, squash before the very first hard freeze on Oct 10.

Then this past Sunday, Oct 20th, I finished harvesting the last of my cool season crops-carrots, fennel, kale, onions, kale, Swiss chard, cabbage and sweet potatoes (more on sweet potatoes later). All are inside now. I have so much produce, I brought in some tables to put everything on. I’ve been sharing much of the harvest with friends.

I will clean up the dead vegetation before the ground freezes which will be sometime in early December.

I once waited to clean up the garden in the spring but found it was too much work, what with adding amendments in the soil and planting a new garden, so now I do it in the fall.

9 comments on “Veggie Garden Finito!

  1. Elodie says:

    Now for the garlic, shallots and flower bulbs…!


  2. Janine Cohen says:

    Wow Jannine!! Quite the bounty! The butternuts and sweet potatoes look big and perfect! Now for the processing party! Well done!


  3. Delphine says:

    Did you add your Azomite for trace minerals n the spring or fall.?


  4. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine, Thank you once again for sharing with us your gardening adventures. A year without grasshoppers has yielded a tomato crop that was my best yet. That result, plus the gift of a very long piece of 1″ drip line means that this winters work will be replacing the amount of my drip lines that are in 1/2″, to full one inch. The difference , in a limited test, was pretty significant. To the extent that a bed which was largely unused except for asparagus, will now be also used for corn and also I created a deep bed of pure horse manure strictly for carrots. Nothing should stop them from burrowing deep, now!

    Gene S.


  5. tonytomeo says:

    So after ALL that proliferation though summer, the garden actually goes cold for winter like gardens do farther North. Your climate is fascinating. Satellite images show the diversity of climates in your region more accurately than common maps do. The green blotches between the brown blotches are more apparent. Of course, I am completely unfamiliar with the climates of the brown blotches too.


    • yes we generally don’t have vegetable gardens in the winter here unless you have a heated greenhouse and lights. Having said that, I have an unheated greenhouse where I transplant cool season crops that I start from seed in my house under lights in January-February. The greenhouse is great for an early start to spring cool season crops but gets too hot in the summer. I think our climate is very similar to Denver.

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