Garlic Chives

Garlic chives are different than regular chives.  In Chinese cuisine, they are considered a delicacy where they are used as garnish on soups, in salads and stirred fried dishes. You use them as you would regular chives chopping the leaves up for these dishes. They taste like mild garlic vs regular chives, which have an oniony taste. This year they are producing beautiful flowers as well.

I recently tried the flowers instead of the leaves in my Flowers Good Enough to Eat class I had out here at the farm. I tried them with other herbs in a sherry vinaigrette for tomatoes and the subtle nuance in flavor was wonderful. A big plus is how beautiful they are when flowering in my herb garden and they are fairly drought tolerant.

The recipe comes from the late Amy Hetager who was one of the founders of Home Grown New Mexico here in Santa Fe. Here is the recipe for the vingarette and salad: AMY’s TOMATO SALAD

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5 comments on “Garlic Chives

  1. Janine Cohen says:

    You used the flowers! Great idea! I saved the recipe. Thanks!


  2. tonytomeo says:

    The look like ‘ornamental’ allium. This seems to be a very good year for them, in several regions. Everyone who grows them seems to be pleased with their performance.


    • I have never seen them flower before. They have been in my herb garden for years and I didn’t pay much attention to them before. The leaves taste like very mild garlic and are a great addition to some dishes. I think they flowered this year because we had lots of precipitation last winter and this spring. In fact every perennial plant has done really well this year. Nothing like moisture to make plants happy especially here in the high desert!

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