Tomatoes just starting to come in!

I live for my tomatoes out of my garden each year!

Most of my tomatoes are just starting to ripen. There are many more on the vine in various stages of green! So every few days I get a few ripe tomatoes. Just enough for a Caprese salad every few nites. I’m in heaven!

I have many standard tomatoes but a couple of new ones that are suppose to take 70-80 days are already ripening at 60 days. I love them all so far. They may make my all-star tomato list at the end of the season which is really hard to do as I am really, really picky-they must be VERY flavorful. Here are some new varieties that have ripened so far..

New to me is Large Barred Boar (from Wild Boar Farms) which is much larger than their regular Barred Boar with the same great flavor. It is burgundy color with green stripes. It has a really rich complex flavor.


Another new tomato is Grosse Verte Rose (from Secret Seed Cartel seed company) which is a dusky pink color and sweet, sweet, sweet and about 12-14 oz big. A winner for sure.



Tonite I got the first two Cherokee Carbon tomatoes and they look beautiful. No cracks, smooth skin and a cross between a Purple Cherokee and the Carbon tomato. I normally grow heirlooms or open-pollinated varieties but I’m not against hybrids if they taste great. This one is a hybrid and I’ll let you know later how the taste is. They are about 14-16 oz and look beautiful.

Also new to me is a tomato named Santorini from the Greek Island of Santorini. (duh). They were one of the first to ripen and are a smaller bright red tomato with the flavor of an old-fashion tomato. I like them and the fact that they were so early is good too. Sorry I don’t have a pic-I ate them all.

So that’s the report so far on the NEW varieties of tomatoes that have started to ripen. There are many different varieties that are still green and for those of you waiting, don’t despair. With this heat I’m sure they will be ripening soon.

If you don’t recognize these varieties it’s because I try tomatoes from many different places and like to turn people on to new varieties that are awesome! If your local nurseries doesn’t carry them next year, you’ll have to start them from seed.

I’ll post later as I have more to report on. Let’s hope for a long warm fall where all of them will ripen!



4 comments on “Tomatoes just starting to come in!

  1. Gene solyntjes says:

    Jannine, For. Once it’s a pleasure to read your experience with ripening tomatoes is the same as it is here. So far , this year has been special for tomato plant growth!


    • Yes tomato plant growth has been rampant here too Gene, but there are many green tomatoes growing as well, not just leaves. Hopefully we will not have an early frost that will limit all of us in getting that hard earned ripe tomato! It’s finally rewarding to get ripe tomatoes as it is so hard to grow them here with all the extra steps I take to avoid Curly Top Virus. Sometimes you just want to give up with all those extra steps but then you eat that first homegrown ripe tomato and it makes it all worth it. I only lost 2 tomatoes this year to the Curly Top Virus-probably due to the row covers blowing off a couple times but that’s not bad out of 31 planted. Are you getting any maters yet Gene?


  2. Linda phelps says:

    They look wonderful. Thanks for the pics and the name of the seed companies.

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    It is interesting to read about these . . . because I still stick with the familiar. I know I should be more adventurous, but I try only one or two strange varieties a year. For many years, I grew no strange varieties.


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