Starting tonight, the next 4 nights will be below freezing with the temperatures dipping down to 30°F tonight and 27-28°F for the following three nights so if you have anything outside or in an unheated greenhouse or hoop house or cold frame, you’ll need to put row cover over your plants to keep them from freezing at night.

3 comments on “FREEZE ALERT!!

  1. Gene solyntjes says:

    Jannine, thank you for this important message. On another front, I picked up new onion sets today, when they just arrived. Some of these sets will be planted immediately after this cold front has passed in the greenhouse. I shall save the rest till I plant my corn outside next mid month. Then these sets will be planted between the corn rows.
    What is the absolute best way to store these sets so they are at their very best when I plant them a month from now?

    Take Care,
    Gene S.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Mine are safely hundreds of miles away.
    We do happen to be getting a weirdly unexpected rain though. It won’t bother tomatoes.


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