Plant peas this week!

Time to Plant Peas!

For me, I use St. Patrick’s Day to remind me to plant pea seeds OUTSIDE in my garden. Just an easy day to remember—we need to plant peas early so we can get some peas before we get too much heat.

I use a legume inoculate powder on the seeds. They pull nitrogen from the air and deposit it on little nodules on their roots.

Here’s some pea planting basics:
-Sun: They produces more in full sun in cool climate gardens. For warmer climates they prefer afternoon shade.

-Soil temp for pea planting: 40-75 °F– warmer soil will lead to faster germination

-Seed planting depth: 1″

-Space between pea seeds: I plant a double row of peas about spaced 2 inches apart in each row and each row is about 6 inches apart. I put them next to a trellis to grow up.

-Seed treatment: use a legume Inoculate for pea seeds.

-Days to germination: Approximately 12-14 days from planting seeds outside depending on soil temperature. They colder the soil, the longer they take to germinate.

So get out and plant peas soon!

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2 comments on “Plant peas this week!

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this timing advice. I would have missed it! I was eyeing the warming weather skeptically..


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Ha! So someone else has to plant them early too! People up North do not understand the dry warmth here. Their peas start later, but can last until it gets quite warm, which is later than here. It does not get very hot here at all, but the warmth combined with aridity is not good for peas. They do much better closer to the San Francisco Bay.


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