Winter spinach!

Nothing is better than spinach in the winter-sweet and tender. These pics were taken on November 23. I harvested all the outer leaves as they were slowing down their growth when the days got shorter and won’t start growing again till Jan 15. I harvested (two) 2-gallon bags of spinach!


Even the big leaves are tender. And it lasts a long time in the refrigerator!
Still good in late December. The variety is Carmel.


I still have the plants in my coldframe and hope they make it through winter. If they do, I’ll get 2-3 more harvests in spring. As of this storm last week, they were still alive. With this El Nino weather pattern, we had some much-needed moisture in the form of snow. Having been in an extended drought last year, this moisture is welcomed indeed. And now another storm is hitting us tonight on New Year’s Eve. We shall see how much snow it will dump by tomorrow. Today’s high was 25°F and tonight’s low is 15°F although it has gotten down to 5°F at night this last week.


2 comments on “Winter spinach!

  1. Gene solyntjes says:

    Happy New Year Jannine. I have chosen not to plant h greenhouse this winter, but with the newly installed drip system that worked so well late last year am really looking forward to starting work in the GH in February once again. One of the local programs wil be supplying me with funds for seeds since the produce goes to feed their constituents.

    Take Care,

    Gene and LINDA


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Cowabunga! You would expect the petioles to be tough on such a big leaf. I do not grow spinach, but others do in season here. There is a native, but it takes a bit of work to get all the tiny leaves out of the bigger and bitter leaves. Too many bitter leaves are full of oxalic acid, which I am supposed to avoid. There are some (many) things that are just better to grow in the garden instead of relying on the forest to provide.


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