9 comments on “Everyone needs water right now

  1. Elodie Holmes says:

    photo credit?


  2. tonytomeo says:

    If I met a snake who was five feet long, I do not think that I would be around long enough to get acquainted. He could be a bull snake. He could be a gopher snake. I don’t care! We get rattlesnakes only rarely, and they get killed right away.


  3. Mimi. Hoffman says:

    The snake is beautiful as so many snakes are. Too many people have an instant reaction to kill a snake when they see one instead of letting them just go about their business and lives. Thank you for appreciating this beautiful creature.


  4. mmcgeary759 says:

    You can send Mr. Bull/Gopher snake over to my place to take care of some bull gophers!


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