Santa Fe Garden Club Lecture


Today I did a 2 hour lecture on starting tomatoes from seeds for the Santa Fe Garden Club. I explained how to start the seeds, how to transplant them into bigger pots, what ingredients I use in each potting hole when planting outside and much more. Then they planted some of their own seeds. Nice class. Nice people. I am going to start my tomatoes inside on March 25.

Attached are the lecture handouts from the class for those who requested them:



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4 comments on “Santa Fe Garden Club Lecture

  1. Susan Danton says:

    It was a wonderful, informative talk. From the basics of tomatoes, to the seed selection all the way through to enjoying a homegrown tomato, Jannine obviously deserves her ‘Tomato Whisperer’ title.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Inside? Is it still too cool for them there?


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