Vegetables I’m trying in 2018

Here is a list of the vegetables AND tomatoes (underneath) I want to grow this year. Some I’ve grown before and really like and some are new.

Also this year I will try 11 new varieties of Dwarf Tomatoes that have been released to the public that are not on this list.

I will also be involved in the Dwarf Tomato Project,  growing 3 new varieties of cherry tomatoes (that are not released yet to the public but are in trials). I will write about the Dwarf Tomato Project in another post coming soon.


Vegetables I’m Growing in 2018

Borlotti Lamon-vining-dry multi color pods
Emerite-vining-green French haricot
NEW! Rossa di Lucca-bush beans-dry-get at Farmers Market at Zulu’s Petals Organic Farm booth
NEW! Di Casalbuono Panzariedd-vining-get at Farmers Market at Zulu’s Petals Organic Farm booth

Costata Romanesco-wonderful italian zucchini
Zuchetta Rugosa Friulana-These produce an abundance of light yellow, “warty” fruit. They aren’t beautiful, but they’re suppose to taste great. This is the most common zucchini in the markets of Venice in summer.

NEW! Tahiti Butternut-Sweeter than most other squashes, and suppose to get better with age! Large fruits shaped like butternuts with elongated necks and light golden orange skin.
Waltham Butternut

NEW! Bradford-90 days-heirloom that was almost extinct until the Bradford family brought it back

Rossa di Bianca

Jimmy Nardello

Poona Kheera-from India, wonderful flavor-yellow

Parisian-used for cornichon pickles
Bothsby Blonde-used for bread and butter pickles
National OR Russian-used for dill pickles

Dwarf Grey
Sugar Snap

Marvel of Four Seasons
Rouge d’ Hiver
Marshall Red Romaine
Mesclun mix

Wasabi-spicy- tastes like wasabi used in Japanese sushi

Pac Choi

French Breakfast
Cherry Belle


Rainbow or 5 color beetroot
Argentata-white stems-most cold hardy

Vates Scotch Curley Leaf

Florence bulb

Cosmic Purple
Atomic Red

Detroit Red
Yellow or Touchstone




Tomatoes I’m Growing in 2018 (partial list)

Virginia Sweet– 80 days-outstanding large yellow with red blush inside-super sweet

Brandywine (Sudduth)-90 days-(aka Pink Brandywine) This strain was obtained by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens from Dorris Sudduth Hill whose family grew it for over 100 years. Large pink beefsteak fruits to 2 pounds. Incredibly rich, delightfully intense tomato flavor.

Ananas Noire-80 days

Lover’s Lunch-MID-SEASON-A very beautiful and tasty yellow with red stripes with bi-colored flesh.  This large, meaty, fruity and sweet tomato has stand-out flavor.

NEW!-Summer of Love-MID-SEASON-16 oz. fruit, Mid-season indeterminate. This improved Berkeley Tye-Die produces a larger yield and ripens earlier. It has all the great colors and flavor of the original BTD. A good improvement to an excellent tomato.

Afternoon Delight-MID-LATE SEASON-8-16 oz. fruit-Large and very meaty yellow /red blush bi-color beefsteak with purple anthocyanin splashes on the shoulder. This was an accidental cross between Big Rainbow and an unknown anthocyanin line. Large, beautiful, solid and meaty. Good ability to hang on the vine ripe and maintains flavor and texture. Stores well post harvest.

Pink Berkley Tie Dye-65-75 days-Early to mid-early, 8-12 oz. fruit, Beautiful, early, and very sweet rich flavor. 10 out of 10 people liked it better then Cherokee Purple in a farmers market taste off. Regular leaf. Port wine colored beefsteak with metallic green stripes. Excellent sweet, rich dark tomato flavor.

Purple Cherokee-80 days-dusty rose-brown fruits-12 ounces. Delicious sweet

Paul Robeson-80 days-Brick red, 8 to 12 ounce fruits have dark green shoulders and red flesh. Flavor is exceptional with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity.

NEW!-Shasha’s Altai-59 days-hearty tomato plant that produces very good yields of 4-6 oz., thinned-skinned, bright-red, slightly flattened, round tomatoes with an award-winning complex flavor. Fruit sets well in cooler coastal climates and high altitudes.

Goldman’s Italian American-80 days-Unique, beautiful and large tomatoes have a squat, pear shape, being ribbed and pleated. These have a bloody, intense red color when ripe. Thick, red flesh is perfect for delicious sauces and preserves.

Goliath-65 days. (F1) Early maturing plant produces high yields of 10 to 15 oz bright red tomatoes. This beautiful tomato has a blemish-free exterior. One of the best early varieties on.

Marmande Garnier Rouge-70 days-A medium to large dark-red slightly fluted tomato from France-excellent old-fashion tomato flavor.

Big Zac-80 days-This variety was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a home gardener who crossed two heirloom tomatoes to create Big Zac. True to its name, it bears enormous 4 to 6 lb. fruit, and is a high quality tomato in every respect—meaty and delicious as well as disease resistant.

Black Cherry-70 days-Beautiful black cherries look like large, dusky purple-brown grapes; they have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous.

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3 comments on “Vegetables I’m trying in 2018

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Fennel? That had naturalized here a long time ago, but it does not seem to be as common as it used to be. It if funny that it gets ignored. Mustard gets ignored too. Most people do not know they are even edible. In some places, there is no point in growing certain vegetables. They are easily found out in vacant land and along roadsides.
    Beets must be planted though. Detroit (Dark Red) is still my favorite old classic. They are so excellent pickled!


  2. yogibattle says:

    Great list. Best wishes in your garden. This is my second year gardening and I am just realizing that nightshades actually like shade. That being said, my pepper plants are producing quite well this year. So much to learn…


  3. lava says:

    hi jannine, please add to your list kohlrabi, they come in purple and light green. also as giants, you might win in a competition, you will probably be the only entry!
    they are sooooooo good, you can eat them raw like an apple and they are a staple here in germany! he leaves are very nutritious too!


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