My favorite tomato for 2016!


I always plant several new varieties of tomatoes each year and the winner hands down for 2016 was:


lucky-cross-insideIt is a fantastic yellowish tomato with pink blush outside and inside as well. Sometimes they were more yellowish with pink overtones and sometimes more pinkish with some yellow overtones. No matter the color, it has an exceptional sweet flavor like a Brandywine. It never cracked or got diseases and was very prolific. It is a potato leaf variety. I haven’t been this excited about a tomato for a long time. It now beats my beloved Virginia Sweet tomatoes which are prone to cracks and diseases.

When I did some research on this tomato, the variety originally came from Craig LeHoullier (author of Epic Tomatoes). He stated it came from a Brandywine and an unknown bee-produced cross and had the luck to grow it out with these great attributes.  You can read the story of it from him here. No wonder I thought it tasted like a Brandywine! It is now a stable open-pollinated (OP) tomato and will grow out the same each generation. I saved some of the seeds from this beauty and will definitely grow it next season.

4 comments on “My favorite tomato for 2016!

  1. BillMc says:

    That’s fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I’m always on the look out for open pollinated varieties that show good disease resistant, produce well, but also taste good. I’ll be trying this variety in my 2017 garden.


  2. Susan says:

    Thanks Janine – always looking to add some diversity to my tomatoes. My favorite this year was Arkansas Traveler. I’ll give you some seed next time I see you. It was incredibly prolific and seemed to be somewhat disease resistant.


  3. Bill says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m a big fan of Brandywine and would love to find a Brandywine-like OP tomato that is blight resistant. This looks like an excellent candidate!


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