Weeds-Not all that bad?

Photo courtesy of Permaculture Reseach Institute

Purslane-Photo courtesy of Permaculture Research Institute

I just read an article about weeds and how they are not all bad and in fact serve a purpose. I know this and yet I still do pull a lot of them but I leave some as well, like purslane which is a great food source and has more Omega 3’s than salmon. I just try to pull it before it flowers and goes to seed. I have friends which come by regularly and we harvest them. I pull the other ‘weeds’ around them but leave them.

We define ‘weeds’ as a plant growing in the wrong place. Now I still have my share of weeds to pull from my gardens (and am doing so right after I write this) but this article opened my eyes about the benefits of weeds too. I really enjoy reading the info sent out from the Permaculture Research Institute and became a subscriber. Check them out. So in the meantime, if you want a great excuse to NOT to pull weeds, read this article from them, written byJonathon Engels, WORKING WISELY WITH WEEDS.

3 comments on “Weeds-Not all that bad?

  1. Teresa Toole says:

    You are wonderful!!!! Great link on weeds!


  2. Like you said, “weeds are plants growing in the wrong place”. Last year, I planted Calendula in my veggie beds. Big mistake! I let them go to seed and the seeds blew everywhere. This year, I have calendula coming up everywhere, in between my strawberries, in the lettuce, even in the cedar mulch between the raised beds and in the interlock! It is a nuisance. I need to watch it this year, or they will end up smothering the garden!

    Amazing how even a beautiful flower can become a weed, when it grows where it isn’t wanted!


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