Hot! Hot! HOT!!

hot sun pic

Yesterday was a new record high for Santa Fe for Sunday, June 19, 2016. It hit 102°F  in Santa Fe but it hit 104°F (40°C) here at the garden. Too hot to work outside unless it is in early morning or later towards sunset when it starts to cool down. So I am waiting today till about 5-6 pm and praying we get a few clouds overhead which would cool things down a bit and I can get a few hours in outside. Photo courtesy of


4 comments on “Hot! Hot! HOT!!

  1. sophiefrancoise says:

    I’m with YOU, girlfriend…Too HOT to be outside (and working in the garden—UGH!)!
    So, when my doggies wake me up at 4:30-5 AM, I get up, let them out, feed them when they
    are back inside, and drag myself outside to those cool mornings to do some work in the garden.
    It’s actually a wonderful moment to be outside with sunrise, cool air, and green plants.
    [I get too many bug bites in the evening, so MORNING IT IS!]


  2. Tim Doebler says:

    Yep, early, early morning is the best time. Love seeing the day start, sunrise, hot cafe, gentle Peruvian flute music playing and off to the garden to work when it is nice and cool. Then in to the house to do indoor work during the heat of the day in this hot weather – and then the best part of the day; siesta nap. Life is good. I didn’t know it could get so hot in Santa Fe. But, at least it cools off here at night……….unlike Phoenix.


  3. gene solyntjes says:

    Early morning and late evening watering here. Also NOLO bait thoroughly distributed today since those damnable green hordes or grasshoppers have penetrated my GH once again. I had to be in S Fe this morning so I got some really fresh stuff. My potatoes are denuded outside, but tomatoes are still safe inside the GH. I doubt they will do much growing in this heat.
    Hang in there!
    Gene-Las Vegas


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