Snow Day!

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Yesterday I hunkered down in the house after receiving 10″ of snow the night before-truly a winter wonderland! The trees and bushes got watered so I’m off the hook for a while! Plus we are due to get another storm tonight. Welcome El Nino!

4 comments on “Snow Day!

  1. Jill Foster says:

    I made party mix yesterday and cookies today so the furnace would not run! Keeps the house toasty.


  2. Tim Doebler says:

    Thanks for including pictures……………..I am out of state currently. You have more snow then they do here in Anchorage, Alaska! Bring it on El Nino! How’s the greenhouse working for you by-the-way?


    • The greenhouse is wonderful. I love having it and extending seasons. Unfortunately I didn’t get my tomatoes out of there in time to do a fall planting of cool season crops, so I’m not planting anything in there till February. Meanwhile I’m growing all kinds of lettuce and chard inside my house under lights till they can go out in the GH. Too cold right now to put them out there (it’s unheated) with the temps at night from low-mid teens and the days are right now below freezing. Brrrr… I’ll be doing a post within the next week on them.


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