Holy Cow! Hail the size of quarters and bigger!


Wednesday we got two huge storms where hail was between the size of quarters and ping-pong balls in some places. I’ve never seen hail that big here in Santa Fe. Sorry for the blurry picture but our hands were shaking! Lots of damage was done in many people’s gardens, destroying or severely damaging many vegetables and fruits. Whole leaves were torn off or plants shredded. Most of mine were spared as I had the vegetable plants covered with row cover, and it took the hit instead of the plants.

Believe it or not some plants will come back and be ok for those of you hit hard. We will be a couple of weeks behind but the season is not necessarily over. Check your plants and if the center of it where new growth comes from is intact, it will probably grow back so don’t be so quick to pull it. I will wait for about a week to see if they show signs of new growth. If they do, I will trim back the damaged foliage but not before. Remember their root systems were not hurt so they have a good chance to recover.

Meanwhile I would spray a fungicide on them as they are weakened and more susceptible to disease, especially fungal diseases like early blight and powdery mildew with all this wet weather. You could use Neem, OR Copper spray OR Serenade to help ward off fungal diseases. All are organic.

2 comments on “Holy Cow! Hail the size of quarters and bigger!

  1. Gene Solyntjes says:


    I am sorry to read of the destructiveness of the hail. We did not receive any and as a matter of fact I know a woman who has lived here for fifty years and she informed me this is the wettest summer she can remember. Weeds have taken on gigantic proportions and they absolutely dwarf the raised bed I have.
    The greenhouse has been allowed to go to “seed” since the effort to finally create the deck that wraps around my house has been all consuming. Except for details such as two entrance doors it was largely completed yesterday.

    I shall be returning to the GH, tending to mu tomatoes and start to pull most of the overgrown plants and get he GH ready for early fall crops.

    I am sorry for your losses.

    Gene S.


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