7 comments on “SNOW-May 16th?!! Yes

  1. Carl Troy says:

    A sleet-slush mix here in La Cienega this morning. Neither my tomatoes nor chiles (all in Walls of Water) have shown distress … yet. But my eight different varieties of corn, seeded a week ago, are much amused by this colder weather. Hope they germinate rather than rot in the ground!


    • Hi Carl-Already an interesting year weather wise! Many people are waiting to plant. I did plant 18 tomatoes in my greenhouse and another 15 in a satellite garden I have this year. Tomorrow I’m planting with friends a lot in my own garden, tuesday another bunch and Wed even more-all in wall of waters. More than 100 tomato plants going in this year plus a lot of different veggies. Looks like the nights are going to be in the 40’s this week-finally!!


  2. yonason says:

    Here’s some temp data for your area, showing the average last freeze for Albuquerque to be May 7, but the latest to be May 27th.

    If you want to poke around exploring some of the drop down menus, there’s more information on Santa Fe here.
    Good think you weren’t trying to garden in the late 50’s thru the early 70’s.


    • Thanks for the info-interesting! Santa Fe is at 7000′ elevation while Albuquerque is at 5000′ elevation. In Santa Fe, according to USDA we are in Zone 6 although some are in Zone 5 if closer to the mountains. Our first frost FREE day is May 15 or around then.


  3. sophiefrancoise says:

    So glad that I usually procrastinate until Memorial Day weekend to plant anything in my garden. What a WILD spring we have been having…Snow? Yeah!! Hail?? Hell, yes!! Rain and Wind today?? Oh my, oh my!! And, we’re still not anywhere near ideal planting time…
    Thanks for all of your support and encouragement about NOT planting yet…

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    • Yes wild stuff is happening weatherwise although I’ve seen freezes even later than now (I hope not this year). This week I am putting most of my tomatoes in the ground in wall of waters. Have to go into those in case we get more cold weather!

      Lets get together next week to work on HG stuff! I’ll call you..


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